Monday, July 30, 2012

Master-Mouth Rhetoric: Homer, Move Over! There's a New Girl in Town

It is so beautiful: SO beautiful! And sometimes it brings me to tears; my children worry about my sanity. She had a Christian worldview, was an, abolitionist, and a life long learner. She wrote Aurora Leigh, and here are just a few of her lines:

I've known the pregnant thinkers of this time
And stood by breathless, hanging on their lips,
When some chromatic sequence of fine thought
In learned modulation phrased itself
To an unconjectured harmony of truth.
And yet I've been more moved, more raised, I say,
By a simple word . . a broken easy thing,
A three-years infant might say after you,–
A look, a sigh, a touch upon the palm,
Which meant less than 'I love you' . . than by all
The full-voiced rhetoric of those master-mouths.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh, Book 4

Homer, move over. There's a new gal in town! (Yes, indeed: A WOMAN!)