Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My marathon training is keeping me running in circles. In about a month, we'll embark on a journey to trek 26.2 miles along a coastal highway.

And every year, I swear I won't sign up for another race the following year, only to find my heart betraying me by secretly planning the next grand footrace. Yet, it needs to be clarified that I'm not racing anyone at all! For me, the adventure of simply covering a large amount of miles is the point entirely. At one point, I had time goals, but now I realise that running a race is in and of itself the point. Just. . . running.

There have been plenty of times in life that I've wanted to step off of the course that has been set before me, but I have to keep plodding along. I might not be the fastest, the best, or the most graceful, but I'll move forward nonetheless. There's pain, plenty of setbacks, and inevitable disappointments.

Cliche? Of course. Overused? Yes. Still applicable? Well. . . for me? Yes. So I run, and I trudge, but I do move forward (or at least in circles).