Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Secondhand Smoke

I've been thinking about starting a brutally honest private blog. You know, the kind of blog that operates more like a fancy email. I'll let you know if I go unfiltered. For now, you're just breathing in second-hand smoke.

But not tonight. Tonight I took a sleeping pill. If you call me right now I will probably tell you everything that I don't want you to know. If I go unfiltered right now, I might set something on fire.

Augustine talks about whispering his secrets into God's ear. Interestingly, however, he also talks about getting his ear close to God's mouth. Presumably, this is to hear what God has to say JUST to him.

I wonder if I'M being quiet enough to hear his whisper?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Viking Plunders Aldi

Every Sunday, my Viking Warrior goes grocery shopping for me. He makes me give him a list. After I handed him the following, I laughed until I cried.
  1. Milk
  2. Grated Cheese
  3. Gravy Mix
  4. Brownie Mix
  5. Corn Kernels

That's pretty much the essentials, right? I'm so terrible at being a housewife. I would ask the world to pray for me, but I think my family needs prayer more than I do.

Luckily, he came home with extra things such as half-price yummy smelly candles, soap and not one but EIGHT packs of gravy. AAAHH!! THE PLUNDER!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Confess; I Feel I'm Living in a Dystopia

I'm getting ready to re-read the Confessions of St. Augustine with my Senior Literature class. I've blogged about this extraordinary work before, but I must say again how critical and life changing Augustine's words are. There are many scholarly reasons to read Confessions, but the reason I love it, is that it pulls at my heart. Augustine is candid, vulnerable, and equally insightful. His salvation was a poignant process.

I often feel the urge to post my own "Confessions" on my blog. Interestingly, however, Augustine's confessions were more about his confession of faith in a Holy God and less about himself. I must confess, that there are times when my heart is so heavy and burdened, I ache to confess and explore my frustrations online for the world to see.

However, I think there is an element of depth that is added to Augustine's confessions because they were private, not written for the world. His confessions were written to God alone. They were later published, and for this I am thankful. Watching his struggles-this great man of God- gives me hope for my own life.

In addition to works like Augustine's Confessions, I'm also rather obsessed with dystopian literature. I haven't read as much as I would like to, but I'm always looking for more. I wonder what prophesies could come to fruition as a result of the disconnected and impersonal relationships we are developing online? What happens when a tool becomes a replacement for a relationship? I must confess, it leaves me lonely. (There is a book waiting to be written.)

Reading Confessions reminds me of the importance of intimacy. Intimacy first with my God and Savior, and next with my friends and family. I know of no other writer who has moved my heart like Augustine. It's well worth the read.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Keep Smiling Casserole

Start with a healthy dose of insomnia. Fold in a a midweek cousin sleepover. Mix that up with a heavy dose of Shakespeare and an unexpected dash of clean house OCD. Gently stir in one vomit covered third grade child. Let the mixture rest while laying on the couch eating carbs and gaining weight. Purchase new fat pants. Next, bake with a dash of overnight debate tournament. Just before the casserole comes out of the oven, add a thirteen year old with a fever and a sore throat. Sprinkle with overnight house guests (leave broccoli out of the mix-- broccoli is resting at gma and gpa house). Put the casserole in the oven on Sunday while you lay around feeling nauseated. Serve with a side of broken leg still in a cast and an eleven year old with toenail "surgery." For dessert, care for the puke kid, the toenail kid, the cast kid, and the fever kid. Garnish with a spunky attitude. ENJOY!!!

***This just in!!!*** Since my post, cast kid = cast/projectile vomit boy! Keep SMILING! I'm a robot! I'm a robot! I'm a robot! I'm a robot! I'm a robot! I'm a robot! I'm a robot! I'm a robot.....robot...robot...r...r....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

B= A++

It only took my nephew B the Rock a few hours to find the best reading spot in my house.

Broccoli also found our favorite family reader.

Little Mr. McMan knew immediately that the Brockinator would be a great storyteller. Brocktastic read "Sister for Sale," and then added a moral morsel. "That's not about your sister."

B-coli is setting a great example for the kids already by keeping his room squeeky-deeky clean, and even does dishes without being asked. Big Sis has him pegged to be her G-Tar teacher.

Having the Brockinator stay at our house for a while is going to B Rockin.